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“The market is tight now, dangerously tight, but a year from now will be VERY different.”

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Transport Futures writes in depth about North American heavy freight.

Available today is the first installment in a book-length treatment of the unfolding digital revolution in logistics, The Uberization of Trucking.  Transport Futures has thought deeply on this subject and has produced its usual collection of unexpected insights.

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Market Research

Transport Futures quantifies what you need to know about the market.

It's latest research into the U.S. Trucking Market has identified 30% more revenue than previous estimates!

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Transport Futures engages with audiences of any size and makeup, routinely entertaining and eye-opening material. 

CSCMP – Atlanta, GA September 2017

“The biggest lesson I have learned recently about pricing is that more than half of the uncertainty in any forecast is random variation.”

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"If you think you understand your market position, think again.  Noël Perry will challenge your preconceived notions and force you to think of things differently."----John Larkin - Stifel Equity Research

"A great resource to go back to over and over - there is no questioning the quality of work produced.” --- George Grossardt - President - Master Fleet

"........there is no one in the industry that thinks as deeply as Noel or brings the unique perspectives that he does.” - Tom Nightingale – CEO - International Package Shipping

"Noel has a knack for providing an unbiased perspective based on the facts at hand helping us to determine how we need to respond." ---- Paul Newbourne - Covenant Transport Solutions

"His ability to forecast and make suggestions to enhance operations cannot be matched.  The combination of Noel’s winning personality and ease to work with simply add to the success of any project.”  ---Clarence Gooden - Retired President - CSX

"He is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people regarding freight and the broader economy. Noel’s perspectives are always thoughtful, inciteful and provocative.” ---Thomas Albrecht - Celadon Trucking, EVP, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer

"When I do find something within his forecast that doesn’t seem quite right, he is always willing to listen and incorporate my feedback into this work.  Noel’s excellent interpersonal skills allow him to present his findings in an enjoyable and simplified way, in a manner that everyone can understand, appreciate and ultimately use to his or her benefit.” --- Craig Brown -  Vice President – Glass - Maverick Transportation

……Nimble in his handling of both small and large challenges, he is your man when dissecting complex problems with the application of analysis and metrics.  His receptivity to an array of opinions allows him to formulate, and provide to you, the objective feedback you must have to be successful.  Noël is a compass.  Use him properly and he will help you find the direction you need to take."  Mike Ryan – President - Comcar.

…. “The Transport Navigator” is quite fitting, as it implies using his information to help navigate your position in the industry allowing you to make well thought out decisions. We have used Noel’s work for years. It has helped us formulate how we invest, anticipate and behave in certain economic climates.” ---Bill Matheson – Schneider National, Chief Commercial Officer

…Contrary and provocative, Noel is not afraid to take stances around the data he analyses and the consequences they present. Be prepared to be pushed and challenged to wrestle with these conclusions and be prepared to adapt early to the changing landscape Noel forecasts. ---Scott Arves - Retired CEO Transport America and industry consultant

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