Market Research

Industry professionals have been depending on Noël Perry for forty years when they want disciplined, quantified explanations about what is happening and what will happen in North American heavy freight transportation.  That insight, along with contributions from other expert observers, is now available in standardized and customized research from Transport Futures.

Economics – Questions about the relationship of the economy and transport demand?  Transport Futures has followed that complex subject through six major economic cycles.  Noël Perry’s response to the painful trauma of the 1982 downturn led to a new way of modeling the relationship between economy and freight that remains in heavy use. Today, Transport Futures is a master of the data and the handling of the substantial risk that economics brings to transport businesses.  In 2007 and 2008 Noël Perry was the rare economist who warned his customers about the serious risk of deep recession in 2008, when the consensus was for a ‘soft landing’, not the globe-shaking event that occurred.  If you want help in making sense about pictures like the one below, contact Transport Futures.


North American Freight Flows – Transport Futures is the place to find out what is going on in the world of freight flows.  Worried about geography, truck type, water transport, volume on the highways?  Contact Transport Futures for answers.  The accompanying chart is typical of our work.  Everyone knows anecdotally where the highest volume of trucks is, but nobody else quantifies it in the varied and creative ways we
do.  When you do think about truck traffic, the obvious places, like Indiana, the “Crossroads State”, or Chicago, stand out – but would you have known to put Kentucky on this list?  The data and Transport Futures does.


Transport Operations – Transport Futures specializes in adding up the details of the fascinating world of transport operations to get meaningful aggregations – the effects across the entire market.  Noël Perry was the first analyst to break the story of the 2017-2018 capacity tightening, in 2011!  He had that view because of his painstaking analysis of regulatory effects.  The

the accompanying chart is in widespread use in the industry.  It is because it illustrates the ‘why’ of the market.  When regulations tighten, we need more drivers.  If the demand for drivers increases rapidly, the industry can’t hire fast enough, so shortages occur.  For insights like this contact Transport Futures.


Market Sizing – Transport Futures is the one-stop shop for heavy freight sizing.  We use a variety of unique methods to quantify and forecast where nobody else dares to venture.  The accompanying graph illustrates these unique skills – in three ways.   First, we know how to segment the market in fine and unusual detail.  This study quantified both specialized and conventional

flatbed business with detailed segmentation few other firms can produce.  Second, nobody else quantifies revenue.  Nor, third, nobody else forecasts revenue.  Need market sizing for investments, financial planning, new service plans?  Contact Transport Futures.