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Transport Futures

Transport Futures is a North American Heavy Freight Consulting firm headed by the transportation economist, Noël Perry.  It is the third iteration of the consulting firm founded by Mr. Perry in 2008.  The previous two are Transport Fundamentals and Transportation Economics.  The services provided by the three iterations are similar, although this latest version is explicitly focused on the rapidly changing future of transportation and supply chain operations.

Mr. Perry performs the bulk of work within the firm but will engage similar experts when the subject matter or scope of work requires.  His most significant collaboration is with Larry Gross of Gross Consulting on matters pertaining to intermodal transport.

Transport Futures deals with all matters of freight transport within North America, with special emphasis on truckload, rail, intermodal and domestic water markets.  The firm follows all aspects of transportation, from strategy, to market sizing, to operations, to technology, to modal competition, to pricing, to regulation and public policy.  It maintains an extensive historical database and will forecast out to 2040.  In addition to transport economics, Transport Futures has an abiding interest in macro-economics and its interaction with transport as well as the intersection between transport and supply chain design.

Although independent, Transport Futures has a close relationship with, the internet loadboard, and with Gross Consulting.  It also maintains working relationships with a wide range of logistical organizations, including the Transportation Intermediary Association and Tucker Worldwide.  It is no longer affiliated in any manner with FTR Intelligence, a partner organization from 2008 until the end of 2017.

Transport Futures is physically located in Cornwall, Pennsylvania about 30 miles east of Harrisburg.  It accepts engagements throughout the United States and Canada, having served customers from Southern California to Washington State, to Ontario, Canada, to Maine, to Florida.  Normal business hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, although Mr. Perry will gladly accept calls from 7 AM to 10 PM, seven days a week.

Susan Collins



Susan Collins is President of 63rd & Eliot, a marketing firm in Gainesville, Georgia established in 2015 and serves as a Business Development Consultant to Transport Futures.

Susan is a transportation and logistics professional with more than 15 years of leadership experience.  Her focus includes deepening relationships with associations, media companies, financial institutions and interest groups that serve the carrier, broker and shipper markets and developing beneficial interactions between these markets that will lead to improved customer access to and understanding of Transport Futures’ products.   

Prior to joining Transport Futures, Susan served as Director of Industry Relations for, the internet’s first load board and Vice President of Agent Relations for GTO 2000 Inc., a non-asset based transportation brokerage.    

Susan resides in Gainesville, GA with her husband Tim – they have raised two daughters Erin and Jillian.

Susan Collins
Business Development Consultant
c: 770-654-7054

Commentary, Publications, & White Papers


Since entering the world of transport consulting Noël Perry has created more than 1,500 pages of the narrative market analysis, covering all the aspects of North American Transport and the supply chains that employ it.  The majority of this is contained in his subscription service, The Transport Navigator, an offering that has blended in-depth discussion of transport fundamentals and reviews of current market conditions and events.  In addition, he has produced a variety of white papers on topics such as the uberization of trucking, plus timely commentary on unfolding events, including the hurricane events of 2017.   Watch this space for quick-hitting commentary, subscribe to The Transport Navigator, acquire a publication offered on this website or commission your own white paper.

Lectures & Events


Noël combines superior content with an entertaining and dynamic speaking style that has delighted audiences across the industry.  He is best known for translating the often complex working of transportation into language easily understood by the full range of listeners, from truckers, to loading dock personnel, to senior executives.   Even after more than 45 years of work he retains a child-like fascination in all things transportation.  His audiences can tell.  The best part – is his presentations are data-intense, light on lecture, heavy on graphs that lead the observer to solid conclusions.  His listeners also have post-event access to all the visual material presented that they can use for further study and to share with colleagues.   Noël’s frequent appearances cover the gamut of industry venues, state and national carrier groups, a wide variety of shipper trade associations, individual company events, investment house conclaves.  They include speaking for The American Trucking Association, Ameriquest, Stifel Nicolas, Cowan, Schneider National, Landstar, CSX, BNSF, IANA, Transportation Intermediaries Association, Great West Casualty, Tucker Worldwide, National Oil Processors Association, Tucker Worldwide, JB Hunt.   Contact Mr. Perry to invite him to your next event.  The accompanying calendar will tell you if he is available.

The Future of Trucking


All of Mr. Perry’s work is based on his career-long analysis of the full range of transport factors in the North American heavy freight market (truckload, rail, domestic water).  His understanding of the influence of macro-economics on transport demand is unmatched.  His analysis of trucking productivity includes innovative measurements of capacity utilization and the premier measurements of regulatory effects.  Clients engage Noël for all manner of market analysis, ranging from modal conversion, to pricing, to government policies, to the fundamentals of transport demand.  He has an abiding interest in the mid-to-long-term future of American logistics, with special emphasis on the digital revolution’s effects on supply design from truck automation to the current retail revolution.   Watch for the aforementioned full-length book on the future of trucking in the summer of 2018.

American Truckload Estimates

Market Sizing

Transport Futures is your one-stop source of American transport market sizing.  With the emphasis on truckload trucking.  Mr. Perry’s estimates of revenue have revolutionized the understanding of the American truckload market, adding more than 70% to previous estimates.  Other analysts were missing more than half of the market!  He produces estimates by loads, trucks, drivers, ton-miles, tons, and revenue.  His segmentation includes fleet and customer sizing, customer vertical and horizontals.  Most important, Mr. Perry in the only source of sizing for the full range of equipment assignment segments, private, dedicated, defined route, network asset, non-asset.  For a full discussion of those segments refer to the white paper on market segmentation found on this site.

Strategic Plans


Carriers and shippers have found it valuable to have Mr. Perry review and enhance their strategic plans.  Those engagements routinely uncover misconceptions as to market conditions, missing data that leads to expanded opportunities, or vulnerability to possible market shocks.   Noël is the rare economist and advisor who is comfortable with the prevailing risk that plagues today’s outlooks.  Armed with his often, surprising perspectives customers are ready to make far quicker and more effective adaptations to the events that inevitably challenge a plan.