Lectures & Events


Noël Perry combines superior content with an entertaining and dynamic speaking style that has delighted as it informs audiences across the industry.  He is best known for translating the often complex working of transportation into language easily understood by the full range of listeners, from truckers, to loading dock workers, to senior executives.   Even after more than 45 years of work, he retains a child-like fascination in all things transportation.  His audiences can tell.  The best part – is his presentations are data-intense, light on lecture, heavy on graphs that lead the observer to solid conclusions.  His listeners also have post-event access to all the visual material presented that they can use for further study and to share with colleagues.   Noël’s frequent appearances cover the gamut of industry venues, state and national carrier groups, a wide variety of shipper trade associations, individual company events, investment house conclaves.  They include speaking for The American Trucking Association, Ameriquest, Stifel Nicolas, Cowan, Schneider National, Landstar, CSX, BNSF, IANA, Transportation Intermediaries Association, Great West Casualty, Tucker Worldwide, National Oil Processors Association, Tucker Worldwide, JB Hunt.   Contact Mr. Perry to invite him to your next event.  The accompanying calendar will tell you if he is available.

Up Coming Lectures & Events

April 5 – GlobalTranz – Phoenix, AZ

April 9,11 – TIA – Palm Desert, CA

April 23 – UGA’s Trucking Profitability Strategies Conference – Athens, GA

May 21-3 – Truckstop.com Connect – Dallas, TX

June 8 – South Carolina Trucking – Myrtle Beach, SC

June 20 – Canadian Trucking Alliance – Toronto, ON