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With The Transport Navigator blog, Noël Perry brings more than 40 years of detailed data analysis and insight to all matters of freight transport within North America, with special emphasis on truckload, rail, intermodal and domestic water markets. 

He follows all aspects of transportation, including: strategy, market sizing, operations, technology, modal competition, pricing, regulation and public policy.

Transport Futures maintains an extensive historical database and will forecast out to 2040. 

In addition to transport economics, Noël has an abiding interest in macro-economics and its interaction with transport, as well as the intersection between transport and supply chain design.

  • “The Transport Navigator” is quite fitting, as it implies using his information to help navigate your position in the industry allowing you to make well thought out decisions. We have used Noël's work for years. It has helped us formulate how we invest, anticipate and behave in certain economic climates.

    Bill Matheson Schneider National / Chief Commercial Officer
  • There are so few real experts in trucking. I’m really happy to have found The Transport Navigator. Raben is quite a big player in the EU. Even if you relate mostly to the US market, The Navigator is also quite relevant for Europe. I find your regular updates very interesting and inspiring.

    Pawel Trebicki Raben Group / Managing Director
  • I really enjoy my Transport Futures subscription. Thank you for sharing your industry insights during the recent Westgate Shipping webinar. I always come away with so much information and issues for consideration.

    Judith Binder RBSC Corporation, Principle Analyst
ELD Evaluation

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How about a repeat of 2017? Just don’t bet on the upside.

People always focus on the short run: I have often talked in the past about the emotional swings that affect markets. Decision makers have the very human trait of over-emphasizing the present and recent past.

As a golfer and gardener, I am currently depressed by the cold weather we have had in Pennsylvania since the beginning of February, forgetting the essentially changeable nature of our fickle climate. In the same way, I wax poetic about the relatively wet cool summers we have had the last two years. In both cases, I assume naively that the rest of this spring and all of this summer will be the same.

Boy, do people in trucking feel good right now! I bring this up because I am getting signals of a building euphoria within the truck market. The cause is apparent: a combination of good freight growth and regulatory drag has created a tight market, with dramatic pricing gains for carriers. The result is – the same people who were talking about a “trucking recession” in 2015 and 2016 are licking their chops over prospects for 2018 and 2019.

You have probably noticed the contrarian aspect of my writings, a trait developed in large part because of my experience over 42 years of studying this fascinating market’s gyrations. It is a perverse reality that the wisest time to be conservative is at the peak of an uptick and vice versa. As we approach the peak of this spectacular upswing in carrier fortunes, it is wise to reflect on this and temper the natural optimism stemming from the events of the last six months.

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